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Ultimate Smile Makeover Winners

Past Winners of Dear Doctor's Ultimate Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover Winner — Cara

Cara Neely knows firsthand what a difference a smile makes. For an entire decade, the 35-year-old Pilates instructor wasn't able to smile without worrying about it. She admitted, "It terrified me for a long time just to look at my teeth." But ever since she won the Dear Doctor Ultimate Smile Makeover contest, Cara hasn't been able to stop smiling. Read More

Smile Makeover Winner — Lisa

Lisa lost a front tooth at the age of 18, when she suffered an injury to her mouth. Since then, she has not been able to afford regular dental care and her oral health has declined steadily. She has lost additional teeth and has significant tooth decay that affects her ability to eat and smile. Lisa will soon receive a full set of replacement teeth supported by dental implants. Read More

Smile Makeover Winner — Celeste

Severe periodontal disease had wrecked Celeste's smile and made eating very difficult. Social and business interactions were fraught with embarrassment. She felt hopeless...until she won the gift of a new smile from Dear Doctor's Ultimate Smile Makeover contest. Now Celeste can eat all of her favorite foods again and smile proudly. Yet the biggest change may be to her self-confidence. Read More

Smile Makeover Winner — Sue

Throughout her adult life, Sue tried to hide her decayed, discolored teeth. “I basically learned not to smile extensively,” she told Dear Doctor magazine. Having endured many childhood dental troubles, Sue was doubtful that she would ever have a smile she could display with pride. Yet that’s exactly what she got when she won Dear Doctor’s Ultimate Smile Makeover contest! Read More

Smile Makeover Winner — Regina

We are very pleased to announce our latest contest winner, Ms. Regina Whigham of Cincinnati, Ohio. Regina is a Dear Doctor magazine reader who has long wished for a beautiful smile despite numerous, significant dental problems.

“It's just so amazing for something like this to happen to me,” said Regina, who broke down and cried when she heard the news. “I feel so self-conscious. I smile with a closed mouth. I'm so thankful for this contest. There is no other contest out there like this.” Read More

Smile Makeover Winner — Heather

We here at Dear Doctor are very proud of our Ultimate Dental Health Makeover Contests and are especially pleased to announce our latest contest winner, Mrs. Heather Manning from Jacksonville, Florida. At a time when we are all challenged by this difficult economy, we would like to thank our generous sponsors including BioHorizons who will be supplying the dental implants, LK Dental Studio who will be creating the crowns and bridgework, and Nimbus Dental who will be supplying the oral hygiene products. These generous sponsors enable Dear Doctor to provide this great opportunity to our readers. Providing individuals with good health and the benefit of a positive self-image and well-being are both life changing and irreplaceable. Please take note of our sponsors for their commitment to oral health, as they are going far above and beyond just advertising — they are demonstrating their commitment to making a difference to the health of our readers, and for that we are truly grateful. Read More

Smile Makeover Winner — Lorna

Lorna is absolutely thrilled to be our new contest winner and her treatment will include periodontics, orthodontics, endodontics, and cosmetic dentistry. Her periodontal treatment will consist of oral hygiene instruction, scaling, and root planing. Orthodontic therapy is needed to improve the alignment of Lorna's teeth when she smiles and she will also need four root canals. Her cosmetic dentistry will consist of porcelain veneers as well as porcelain crowns. This treatment will take place over the next year. We will provide you with follow-ups as treatment progresses. Read More

Smile Makeover Winner — Debra

Debra's treatment will show how dentistry can accomplish amazing results utilizing the latest technologies available today. Debra has become very self-conscious of her smile and the condition of her teeth. Her care will consist of the following treatments; periodontal therapy including a possible crown lengthening surgical procedure, an extraction of a failing root canal tooth with bone regeneration, orthodontics, two or three implants to replace missing teeth, teeth whitening, new porcelain crowns, porcelain veneers and bridgework. Read More

Smile Makeover Winner — Brian

At first glance, Brian may not appear to need a new smile, but he has actually lost the ability to chew and function on one side of his bite and he is unhappy with the appearance of his front teeth. His care will consist of periodontal treatment including a crown lengthening surgical procedure, an extraction of a failing root canal tooth, three implants to replace missing teeth, teeth whitening, seven all porcelain crowns and six porcelain veneers. Thanks to our sponsors and the dentists who represent Dear Doctor, Brian will now be able to have all the dental care he needs to be returned to health. Read More

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