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Extending the Life of Your Dental Work
Dental materials have come a long way in the new millennium...yet no tooth restoration can be guaranteed to last forever. Various factors affect how long dental work holds up, some of which we can control and some we can't. Our expert gives advice for making the most common dental restorations last as long as possible...  Read
Gum Disease and Systemic Health
Gum disease (also called periodontal disease) is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. But that isn't the only consequence of this often-silent malady: It is also linked to heart disease, diabetes and other systemic diseases—conditions that affect the entire body rather than just one part. We offer an update on the latest research...  Read
Referred Pain
What if you saw your dentist for a toothache and were told there was nothing obviously wrong with your teeth? The frustration of dental pain that won't go away prompts some people to visit the dentist repeatedly, and even ask for procedures that aren't necessary. That's because pain felt in one area sometimes stems from an entirely different source—a condition known as "referred pain"...  Read
10 Tips for Dealing With Dry Mouth
Keeping your mouth moist is important for oral health and comfort. Normally, saliva makes your mouth feel comfortable, neutralizes acids that could harm tooth enamel, and brings cavity-fighting minerals to teeth. But some people suffer from chronic mouth dryness. If you're one of them, here's what you can do...  Read
What Our Teeth Say About Us
It's truly remarkable what a dentist can learn just by looking in a person's mouth! Teeth can yield a wealth of information—including age, ethnicity, occupation and overall health—that may be used by anthropologists, forensic scientists, historians and practicing dentists. In fact, there is a whole sub-discipline called dental anthropology that reveals the secrets behind our smiles...  Read
Consultations  View Issue
Tongue Ties, Lip Ties and Breastfeeding
How common oral abnormalities can interfere with nursing  Read
The Herbst Appliance
Correcting orthodontic problems caused by uneven jaw development  Read
Sinusitis and Tooth Infections
Chronic sinus problems may have a dental cause  Read
Black Hairy Tongue
An occasional side effect of antibiotics  Read