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Issue 6 of Dear Doctor Magazine

In this Issue of Dear Doctor - Dentistry & Oral Health magazine:

Issue 3, Volume 2
Letter from Dear Doctor
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Cover Story
Mario Lopez - Male Celebrity Smile of the Year
Mario Lopez has been one busy man since his appearance on Dancing with the Stars in 2006. Not only does his non-stop schedule keep him busy on television and Broadway but he also found time to author a fitness book. He was named People magazine's Hottest Bachelor of 2008 and is now Dear Doctor's Male Celebrity Smile of the Year award winner. Read his interview about his award winning smile, his career, his new fitness and nutrition book, and his commitment to healthy living.
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What is Tooth Decay? - And How to Prevent It!
Tooth Decay is an infection, and many people don't realize that it is preventable. This article is the first in a series about tooth decay, perhaps the number one reason children and adults lose teeth during their lifetime. Explore the causes of tooth decay, its prevention and the relationship to bacteria, sugars and acids.
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Nutrition - Its Role in General & Oral Health
"You can't be healthy without oral health". In this second article in a series learn how good nutrition and dietary practices impact tooth formation, tooth decay resistance and oral tissue health as well as your whole body's general health.
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Periodontal Surgery - Where Art Meets Science
This article is an overview of how the art of plastic surgical procedures and the science of periodontics can enhance the health and beauty of your teeth. You will learn what periodontal surgery is designed to do, what makes it successful and what to expect during treatment.
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Removable Partial Dentures
With proper care, RPDs can be a "stepping stone" toward permanent tooth replacement
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Dental Insurance Coverage
You must read the fine print and your explanation of benefits
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Manual vs Powered Toothbrushes
An important consideration is how you use the toothbrush
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Can Dentists Rebuild Bone?
New technology allows for predictable bone regeneration
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Root Planing
Conservative treatment to eliminate the need for gum surgery
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Jaw Pain - What's the Cause?
You'll never know without a proper evaluation
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