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Issue 22 of Dear Doctor Magazine

In this Issue of Dear Doctor - Dentistry & Oral Health magazine:

Issue 2, Volume 6
Letter from Dear Doctor
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Cover Story
Kristin Cavallari
Who has the best celebrity smile of 2012? We asked and Dear Doctor readers answered: it's Kristin Cavallari! The results of our Facebook poll are in and the lovely reality TV star, accessories designer, and new mom is the winner. In this exclusive interview, Kristin talks about her start on MTV's Laguna Beach; meeting her fiance, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler for the first time; and the dentistry that helped her smile become this year's best.
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Feature Articles
Porcelain Veneers
The advances dentistry has seen in recent years are truly remarkable — especially when it comes to porcelain veneers. These thin, lifelike, cosmetic dental porcelains can do wonders to change the color, size, shape and even spacing of your teeth. Find out about the process and how to get the best results. Plus, real-life examples of beautiful smile makeovers created with porcelain veneers...
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Toothpaste: What's In It?
It's something we put in our mouths every day. Yet for those who actually take the time to read that list of ingredients, it can be hard to figure out what it all means. Dear Doctor's expert breaks it all down and reveals a great way to be sure the claims written on the label can be trusted...
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Saving New Permanent Teeth After Injury
What should be done when a child or young adult injures a permanent tooth that's still growing? Since kids and teens need a full set of teeth to help guide the continuing growth and development of the jaws and bite, it's important to save injured teeth rather than remove them. But saving an immature permanent tooth can present a complex situation. See what can be done to save and even reverse damage to growing permanent teeth...
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Dental Implant Surgery
What To Expect Before, During, And After
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Treating Difficult Areas Of Periodontal Disease
A painful puzzle
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Palatal Expanders
Orthodontics Is More Than Just Moving Teeth
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A Child's Toothache
What You Should And Shouldn't Do
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Treating Pain With Ibuprofen
This Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug Has A Good Track Record — When Used Appropriately
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Dental Grills

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Energy Drinks & Your Teeth

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Cavities, Decay & Caries — Is There a Difference?

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Filters & Fluoride

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Did You Know?
Did you know that there is a National Museum of Dentistry?
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Dentists In The Media: Why Can't We Be The Good Guys?
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