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Issue 2, Volume 6
Letter from Dear Doctor
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Cover Story
Olivia Newton-John
“People always ask me how I stay so healthy and what I eat,” Olivia Newton-John recently told Dear Doctor magazine. And is it any wonder? Having triumphed over breast cancer, the 63-year-old multiplatinum superstar is as radiant as ever. In this exclusive interview, Olivia talks about her new ventures, her favorite recipes, and how music — and laughter — brought her through her toughest moments.
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Feature Articles
Bottled Water: Health Or Hype?
Americans are drinking more bottled water than ever — a staggering 8.5 billion gallons every day. But do we really know what's inside those pricey plastic containers? And is it any better than the water that comes out of your tap? The findings of the Environmental Working Group (a renowned not-for-profit research and advocacy organization) go a long way towards satisfying your thirst for information...
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Successful Dental Treatment: Getting The Best Possible Results
Dentistry can do amazing things to change the way you look, feel and function. But getting the best possible results takes careful assessment of each individual's unique risk and how the information is used to plan treatment for improving long term oral health. Our expert take you through the process with a real-life example so that you can appreciate all that goes into achieving spectacular results...
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Secrets Of Saliva
The field of salivary diagnostics is entering a new era in which secrets hidden in saliva are revealed. Using innovative technology, saliva is leading to early detection of the deadliest forms of cancer and other serious diseases...
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Diet And Prevention Of Oral Cancer
Steps you can take to reduce your risk
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Burning Mouth Syndrome
A painful puzzle
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Oral Health During Cancer Treatment
Proper dental care can prevent severe side effects
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Dental Implant Maintenance
Implant teeth must be cleaned differently
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What Are Furcations?
Branching tooth roots can be periodontal nightmares
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Orthodontics For The Older Adult
You're never too old to straighten your teeth
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Did You Know?
There's A Real-life Tooth Fairy Who Helps Kids Learn Good Oral Hygiene Habits!
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Sue's Dreams are Coming True! Our Latest Smile Makeover Winner!
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