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Issue 5 of Dear Doctor Magazine

In this Issue of Dear Doctor - Dentistry & Oral Health magazine:

Issue 2, Volume 2
Letter from Dear Doctor
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Cover Story
Jessica Simpson & Operation Smile
Jessica Simpson - celebrity, singer, actress - add to that caring and committed humanitarian volunteer. As an Operation Smile ambassador, Simpson uses both her celebrity and caring to highlight the work of Operation Smile, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to treating children around the world with facial deformities. She shares moving experiences as children's smiles and lives are made whole.
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Great Expectations
Advancements in cosmetic dentistry have opened a new world of possibilities for those seeking an improved smile. But how can you be sure what you get is what you want? Learn more about how to work with your dentist to get the smile you want.
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Age One Dental Visit
They may be "baby teeth," here today and mostly gone by the time your child reaches puberty, but caring for them now is critical to his or her future dental health. Age One Dental Visit explains what every parent needs to know about dental care for young children.
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Oral Sedation Dentistry
Step out from under the shadow of fear and into the calm of sedation dentistry. There are safe and time-tested options available to ensure that you have a positive and painless dental experience.
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Porcelain Veneers
How long will your porcelain veneers last?
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Implant Aesthetics
How your personal biology influences implant aesthetics
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Minor Tooth Movement
How do you know if your orthodontic needs are minor?
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Periodontal Inflammation and Heart Disease
Similarities in the body's response to these two diseases may indicate a connection
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Teeth Polishing
A simple cleaning that makes your teeth feel really clean
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A Severe Toothache
It may come and go but you should still be examined
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