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Issue 1, Volume 7
Letter from Dear Doctor
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Cover Story
Celebrity Smiles
Celebrities lead very different lives from their fans, but the oral health issues they face are exactly the same. For example, they get cavities, wear braces, and even have accidents that result in damage to their teeth. How do we know? We've talked to many of them over the years. Here you'll find excerpts from some of our most enjoyable interviews — with Christie Brinkley, Jerry Rice and Howie Mandel to name a few. What these stars reveal about their beautiful smiles may surprise you!
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Feature Articles
Planning Your Wedding Day Smile
Your wedding will be one of the most memorable days of your life. So before the big day, you'll want to make sure your smile is all it can be. There's actually a lot you can do to improve the appearance of your teeth for this momentous occasion and beyond. Whether your wedding is far off or just around the corner, see your dentist early if you're contemplating a change to be sure you leave enough time. Let Dear Doctor walk you through the steps you can take to achieve the smile of your dreams before you walk down the aisle, because your wedding pictures will tell the story forever...
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Beautiful Smiles by Design
The ability to smile is one of the most profound non-verbal communication tools we humans have. Yet despite widespread agreement regarding the power and importance of a smile, many people are insecure with their own. But if you're unhappy with your smile, you can change it. Smile design is really where science and art meet. In this article, our expert discusses how you and your dentist can work together to create the smile you want and deserve...
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Teeth Whitening
The impact of a great smile with white, bright teeth is radiant health, happiness, warmth and invitation. In fact, whiteness is one of the first things noticed about a smile. Today, whiter teeth have become standard — and not just for Hollywood stars. That's because tooth whitening by bleaching is a successful, conservative, relatively inexpensive and safe option for enhancing your smile. Learn how whiter teeth can brighten your smile...
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Dental Implants — Your Best Option For Replacing Teeth
Dental implants have many advantages over older methods of tooth replacement like bridges and dentures — from the way they function and feel to the way they look and last. Vigorous research has documented and confirmed that in the right situations, dental implant success rates are over 95%. It is no exaggeration to say that they have revolutionized dentistry. They may even change your life...
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Understanding Aging Makes Beauty Timeless
For years, researchers have been cataloguing the inevitable facial changes that occur over time. Understanding how the face and the underlying skeleton change — through adolescence into adulthood — has an enormous impact on how dentistry can create positive change. Discover how dentists use their knowledge of the aging process to make treatment decisions and the profound effect this can have on facial beauty during a lifetime...
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The Magic of Orthodontics
One of the most important and fundamental considerations in smile design is the position of the teeth themselves. Simply put, when things look right, they probably are right. Orthodontics is an ingenious scientific way of harnessing nature that allows dentists to accurately and precisely move teeth into a more ideal position. Learn the basics of smile analysis and design and whether the magic of orthodontics can work for you...
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