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Issue 19 of Dear Doctor Magazine

In this Issue of Dear Doctor - Dentistry & Oral Health magazine:

Issue 4, Volume 5
Letter from Dear Doctor
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Cover Story
Nolan Gould
This bright young actor is an ace at keeping his smile bright — and at making people laugh in his role as Luke on the television comedy Modern Family. We talk with Nolan about the joys of acting, good oral health and the Tooth Fairy.
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Feature Articles
Dentistry and Oral Health for Children
As part of our special section on oral health topics affecting kids, Dear Doctor brings you this wide-ranging overview of milestones and transitions in your child's dental development. Learn how to protect your children from tooth decay, dental injuries, and unhealthy habits while getting them started on the road to a lifetime of oral health and general well-being...
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When Children Grind Their Teeth
Many children grind their teeth as they sleep, and the grating sounds of this habit can really set a parent's own teeth on edge. But is tooth grinding (also called “bruxism”) harmful? And can — or should — anything be done to break the habit? Dear Doctor shines a light on this unsettling nocturnal behavior...
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Clear Aligners for Teenagers
Teens who regard traditional braces as restrictive, confining, and obstructive to their lifestyles now have another choice for orthodontic treatment: clear aligners. This advanced dental technology, originally geared toward adults, has recently evolved to treat a greater variety of bite problems in younger people. These improved orthodontic appliances can help teens function normally during a difficult phase of life...
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Creating In-Office Dental Restorations With Computers
Once upon a time, dentists — and patients — needed to wait weeks for a dental laboratory to make crowns and other dental restorations. Now, with an exciting digital technology known as Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM), some dentists are fabricating high-quality restorations themselves right in their own offices — in minutes!...
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Tooth Development And Infant Formula
Monitoring fluoride in your child's first year
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Teething Troubles
How to help keep your baby comfortable
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Tooth Whitening Safety Tips
Are bleaching products safe?
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Tooth Removal For Orthodontic Reasons
Bone sets the tone for successful treatment
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Monitoring Blood Pressure
What you don't know can hurt you
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Top 10 Oral Health Tips For Children
It is up to you to develop the routines that will help protect your child from tooth decay and other oral health problems
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