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Beautifully designed articles, detailed illustrations, a growing collection of patient education videos and now Dear Doctor TV!

Dear Doctor is a dentist-led company that exists to educate patients and present dentistry — and your practice — in the best possible light. To do that, we produce patient-education content that is accurate and complete, yet entertaining and easily understood by patients. This is our specialty and it is all we do — all day, every day. We take great pride in creating patient-education products that are endorsed and valued by our peers in the professional dental community. Why trust your message to anyone else?

Dear Doctor TV

Introducing Dear Doctor TV! An innovative new way to deliver the finest, most entertaining dental education to patients in your office waiting room.

  • Practice-Specific Programming:
    With Dear Doctor's intelligent delivery system, your screens will only display content that best suits your practice

  • Easy Installation: Simply plug in your pre-programmed device and your TV comes to life

  • New Programming Delivered Regularly: New segments that are delivered to your TV instantly... and automatically
Call 866-821-5458 to learn more or visit www.deardoctortv.com

Video Library
Videos are great attention grabbers and dental videos help patients and families visualize, understand, and retain the information they need to be active participants in their oral health care. Dear Doctor's Patient Education Videos are beautifully presented, accurate, and above all, entertaining.

  • Premium HD Videos: Videos display the way they were meant to be seen in high quality HD

  • Easy to add to any website: Just put us in touch with your website person and we'll handle the implementation.

  • Access Everywhere: Videos play brilliantly on all desktops, tablets and smartphones

Call 866-821-5458 to learn more or visit www.dentalvideos.com

Article Library
Give your patients a reason to visit your website! The Dear Doctor Digital Library is personalized for your office and can easily be added to your website providing the very best in dental patient education.

  • 1,600+ Pages of searchable content covering all topics in dentistry

  • Personalized for your practice

  • Advanced Search Options allow patients to easily find the information they need

  • Print out, email and share specific articles or use the diagrams, photography, case studies and illustrations to better explain procedures
Call 866-821-5458 to learn more

For more information or to get started today call (866) 821-5458

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