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Dear Doctor features your practice!
Dear Doctor creates a 2,4, or 8 page magazine brochure of your office. View Samples
9 Departments of Dentistry in every issue.
In depth and visually stunning feature articles.
Patient questions answered in brief consultations.
It All Starts with the Cover!
Location, Location! It's true in Real Estate and Magazines! Dear Doctor has created a magazine brochure that provides you visibility on the front cover with famous celebrities. Celebrities stimulate interest drawing patients into the magazine, where your magazine brochure provides the start of the doctor-patient relationship. Our feature articles, patient consultations and human interest stories stimulate patient inquiries on dentistry. Through our proprietary "custom" cover, an exciting opportunity exists for publicity and improved direct mail responses.

A Personalized 2,4 or 8 Page Magazine Brochure of your practice
Our most unique feature of the magazine is your magazine brochure having access to the front cover and the first 2, 4 or 8 pages of the magazine used to promote and market you and your practice. You can describe your philosophy of care, your credentials, the services you provide and examples of the dentistry you that makes you and your practice an asset to your community. Your custom brochure will effectively distinguish you from your competition. The result: an authoritative, educational resource that builds credibility and loyalty with your patients.

Patient Education Covering ALL Aspects of Dentistry
Ask yourself what's the difference between typical patient information brochures and Dear Doctor. Dear Doctor provides education with understanding, whereas brochures provide only information and can appear self-serving. We offer patients up-to-date, accurate information written by outstanding clinicians and academicians in an easy-to-understand language on all aspects of dentistry. Dear Doctor empowers patients to think and evaluate issues related to their dental healthcare in a more informed and confident manner. To best facilitate this, we enter into contract with individual dentists and distribute the magazine through them to their patients and/or potential patients.

A Beautiful Magazine Inside and Out
With beautiful and colorful graphics, our visually stunning educational articles become fun and interesting to read, providing information that invites patient readership. Dear Doctor is designed to stimulate patient interest and provide the finest education available for your patients, We use the finest paper and color production possible to represent your professional image. Using a high-gloss, high-impact cover featuring celebrities and you, the dental professional, creates an environment of success and quality that you will want to be associated with.

Written by the Country's Leading Dental Academicians
Written by the world's best dentists and leading professionals, your patients are provided information needed to make informed healthcare decisions right at their fingertips. The last issue of each year is indexed identifying all features articles and consultations for the year so patients keep these magazines as a resource for their personal library. Want to upgrade your website, we will provide you with each issue of Dear Doctor - Dentistry & Oral Health making your site the only source of dental information the patients in your community will ever need.

The Doctor-Patient Relationship
Dear Doctor has made the doctor-patient relationship the strategic focus of our marketing strategy. The psychology of our approach addresses a new generation of patients as communication research concludes that patients want education to properly evaluate and more actively participate in their dental treatment decisions. This relationship is vitally important to the success of your practice and so is Dear Doctor.

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