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Issue 3 of Dear Doctor Magazine

In this Issue of Dear Doctor - Dentistry & Oral Health magazine:

Issue 3, Volume 1
Letter from Dear Doctor
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Repairing Chipped Teeth
A composite restoration or "bonding" is an ideal material choice for a growing 16-year-old
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The "Great" Mini-Implant
A successful and inexpensive way to stabilize your denture
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Expectant Mothers
Dental facts you need to know
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Genetics & Gum Tissue Types
Thick vs. Thin Gum Tissue Types - Which type are you and what does it mean for your dental health?
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Blood Pressure Medications
Side effects of blood pressure medications include gum overgrowth and dry mouth
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They do work - if you match the right mouthrinse to your dental need
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Early Orthodontic Evaluation
An early childhood orthodontic evaluation can yield excellent results
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Cracked Tooth Syndrome
Early detection and treatment may save a cracked tooth
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