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Issue 16 of Dear Doctor Magazine

In this Issue of Dear Doctor - Dentistry & Oral Health magazine:

Issue 1, Volume 5
Letter from Dear Doctor
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Cover Story
Kathy Ireland
People first fell in love with Kathy Ireland's radiant smile when she graced the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine's 25th Anniversary Swimsuit Edition. Now the former supermodel divides her time between running her own billion-dollar marketing and design firm, authoring books and raising her family. Dear Doctor talked to Kathy about her transition from model to mogul and how dentistry saved her still luminous smile.
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Feature Articles
The Future Of Dentistry
Can you imagine the day your dentist actually grows you a new tooth to replace one that has been lost? Can you conceive of the day when dentists protect babies from tooth decay before they even have teeth? Learn more about these exciting innovations — they're closer than you think...
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Artistic Repair Of Front Teeth With Composite Resin
Strange as it may seem, it's about creating invisible art — recreating teeth that look totally natural so that no one can tell the difference! It involves a detailed understanding of natural tooth composition and form, choosing the right composite resin to rebuild and restore lost tooth structure, and understanding light and color. Oh, and a dental artist who can put them all together...
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The Link Between Heart & Gum Diseases
Inflammation has emerged as a factor that is involved in the process of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD), which commonly results in heart attacks and strokes. While the precise role inflammation plays in causing chronic CVD remains an area of intense current investigation, much more is now known. The good news is that, based on current research, we know that if we can reduce the inflammation caused by periodontal disease, we can reduce the risk for heart attacks and strokes...
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Local Anesthesia For Pain-Free Dentistry
It's good for you and your dental professionals
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Sun Protection For The Face
Do sunscreens really work?
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Metal Allergies To Dental Implants
Studies reveal a very small risk when compared to other metals
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Painful Gums In Teens & Adults
Referred to as ANUG, it is more commonly called “trench mouth”
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Common Lumps And Bumps In The Mouth
Why it is important to have them reviewed and/or removed
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New Fluoride Recommendations
Learn why has the government just recommended a reduction of fluoride in water supplies
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Dental Terminology
What is the difference between cavities, decay and caries?
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