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Alison Sweeney

The actress and host of The Biggest Loser talks about caring for her teeth, raising healthy kids, and the conversation that changed her life


So how can a new mother find the energy to exercise when she's always so tired? And how does she push herself to keep going if she's not seeing results right away?

“It seems counterintuitive, but working out actually gives you more energy, not less.”

“It seems counterintuitive, but working out actually gives you more energy, not less,” Alison said. “As tough as it can be to get going when you are tired — believe me, I definitely relate to that feeling — a good workout can really help you feel stronger, give you more energy and help you sleep better when you do close your eyes.”

According to Alison, it all comes down to how you define “results,” particularly at the start of a new diet-and-exercise regimen. “These other effects of working out can perhaps carry you through until you do start to see changes on the scale!” she said.

Of course, the main beneficiaries of Alison's focus on good health are her children, Ben (6) and Megan (2). And when it comes to sugar, Alison and her husband, California Highway Patrol Officer David Sanov, again take a realistic approach.

“Dave and I don't feel that keeping our kids from sugar completely is a good idea because our concern is that when they're at a friend's house they might overindulge,” she said. Alison's kids are allowed one treat per day. “That treat is anything from a homemade cookie to the fruit-juice popsicles we make together. I cut all their juice with water,” she added. “The most important thing to us at this point is that they do eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and other nutritious foods as part of a balanced diet.”

Alison Sweeney Dental Visits.
Regular trips to the dentist are a key part of the family's health routine. “So far we've avoided any sort of fear about going.”

Regular trips to the dentist are also a key part of the family's health routine. “So far we've avoided any sort of fear about going,” Alison said. That's largely due to her smooth handling of Ben's initial visit. She rightly understood that her son would take his cues from his parents when it came to sitting in the dentist's chair. It was another chance for Alison to put her acting talent to good use.

“Dave and I worked a little reverse psychology on him before his first appointment,” Alison explained. “We spent like six months — I'm not exaggerating here — building up to it. Dave made his appointment and talked about how excited he was to go, and how some day Ben would be old enough to go too, and I did the same thing.” Then it was time for Ben's first appointment. “I told Ben I was going and that he was finally old enough to come with me. By the time we were sitting in the waiting area, Ben was actually excited to hear his name called!”

The toughest dental difficulty the family has faced so far is teething. “Nothing was super successful for our kids,” Alison said. “It's so tough to see them suffer! The teething rings that you keep in the freezer seemed to help the most. But otherwise, we just had to ride through it.”

As for her own oral hygiene routine, Alison said she keeps her teeth healthy with daily brushing and flossing. “Your mouth is more than just teeth and gums, it's the portal through which you engage with the world. And that's why I've partnered with Crest and Oral-B to encourage people to share stories on how the health of their mouth has shaped who they are today and helped them open up to life, others and the world.” Her own tooth decay is now ancient history.

Said Alison, “I can't remember my last cavity!”