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Letter From Dear Doctor

Issue 11 of Dear Doctor Magazine

As they say, “it takes a village” to dream, launch and sustain a successful enterprise. This special issue of Dear Doctor definitely falls into that category. In fact, each issue has its own story, but this one in particular is a unique compilation. Our cover is graced in the illustrious personage of soon to be “Hall of Famer” Jerry Rice, one of the most outstanding and approachable sports personalities of our time. Jerry ushers in our first special issue of Dear Doctor on the topic of “Sports Injuries and Dentistry”.

This issue focuses attention on one of the most common injuries reported on a daily basis — injuries to the teeth, mouth and face – “oral-facial trauma”. It answers many of the questions that dentists who consider themselves “Sports Dentists” deal with regularly. Sports Dentistry is not considered a true specialty in dentistry but rather an area of particular interest. Sports dentists come from all specialties and are involved with athletes of all ages, from youth players to high-level professionals, epitomized by Jerry Rice and including players in the ever-growing ranks of competitive youth travel teams and leagues.

These dentists have educated themselves in the science and art of treatment and prevention of dental trauma. In addition, sports dentists are concerned with subjects such as smokeless tobacco use, eating disorders, the erosive potential of sports drinks, substance abuse and many other topics connected in some way with athletes and their overall health and well-being.

Dear Doctor acknowledges The Academy for Sports Dentistry (ASD), founded in 1983, as the main organization involved in this endeavor. Together with its partner, the International Association of Dental Traumatology, IADT, they set the bar for information, education and standards for information about sports dentistry and the treatment of dental trauma. The ASD boasts an international membership of dentists, dental auxiliary personnel, and certified athletic trainers. It is able to connect individuals with sports dentists and partners with larger organizations like the American Dental Association and American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry to educate dentists, athletic trainers, coaches, parents and of course athletes.

Lastly, we thank all the authors and contributors to this issue, for the most part members and leaders in these esteemed Academies. In particular we extend special thanks to Dr. Stephen Mills, for not only authoring the “Introduction to Sports Injuries and Dentistry” but also for his help, guidance, collegiality and friendship, in putting this important issue together providing vital information that individuals and the public need to know.


Mario A.Vilardi, DMD

Garry A.Rayant, BDS, DDS, LDSRCS, MS