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Career in Dentistry

Steps to take in order to pursue a career in dentistry

Dear Doctor,
Career in dentistry I am a high school student and have always been interested in dentistry. I'm fascinated by what my dentist can do and how compassionate she is. What steps should I take in order to pursue a career in dentistry? Are dentists and even hygienists in high demand?

Dear Kristen,
You may have taken the first steps without even knowing it. Spending time with your own dentist is a great first step. Ask your dentist if you can spend some more time during a semester break and find out what appeals to her about dentistry and what dental school was like. Learn as much as you can about both the academic as well as technical aspects of dentistry and indeed dental hygiene.

This will also give you some idea of what a day in a dental practice is like and also what is involved in running a practice. Another interesting approach to learn about dentistry is by becoming a dental assistant. There is no one closer to seeing dentistry “first-hand” than a dentist's “right hand”. There are so many exciting aspects of dentistry to consider.

Do you have an interest in becoming a leader who educates and serves the community by improving health and wellness?

Further than this there are a few major hurdles to cross before dental school, like college and good grades to say nothing of the right aptitude and motivation. Because dentistry is such a wonderful profession it is highly sought after and generally in high demand. It attracts the brightest of the bright and requires intelligent committed people who are educated and trained to provide ethical and moral treatment, always keeping their patients' best interests in mind and at minimum who will practice safely.

There are volumes written about the healing professions and how to apply for them. Once through college you will find an abundance of advice and literature on how to apply to dental school and about the curriculum.

Thank you for this wonderful question. We can truly say that dentistry has been, and continues to be a truly rewarding profession and career on so many levels. As someone once said, “If you will it, it is not a dream.” Stay motivated in whatever you do, and good luck.