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Issue 1 of Dear Doctor Magazine

In this Issue of Dear Doctor - Dentistry & Oral Health magazine:

Issue 1, Volume 1
Letter from Dear Doctor
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Replacing Back Teeth
Just because you can't see them doesn't mean you won't face problems if your back teeth are lost
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Teeth Whitening
How effective are bleaching techniques for whitening teeth? Are there any disadvantages or side effects?
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Fixed vs. Removable
Choosing between a removable bridge and a fixed bridge
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Implant Success Rate
Factors which influence one of dentistry's most successful treatments
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Antibiotics for Dental Visits
Some patients may require pre-medication before a dental visit
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Pregnancy and Birth Control
The effects of pregnancy and birth control on gum disease
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Body Piercings and Teeth
My daughter has a tongue piercing and wears a metal ball in the middle of her tongue. She has already chipped her lower front tooth. Can this piercing result in other dental problems?
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Early Loss of Baby Teeth
Importance of maintaining the space caused by the premature loss of baby teeth
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Fosamax® and Surgery
Is there a risk to taking Fosamax® and other bisphosphonates when preparing for surgery?
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Removing Wisdom Teeth
This common treatment prevents major dental problems before they occur
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Sealants for Children
This technique protects newly erupted teeth from decay
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Accidental Tooth Loss
Saving a tooth after accidental loss can be critically important
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