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Your smile is special...
...but only if you show it. Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. Dr. John Buzza is the leader in Santa Rosa serving his patients with leading edge cosmetic solutions. If you're hiding your smile, rediscover its beauty with a make over by dentist Dr. John Buzza in his Santa Rosa dental office

Dr. Buzza and his team of cosmetic dental professionals understand that a beautiful smile can brighten every facet of your life - professionally and socially. Cosmetic dentistry is not a major operation like plastic surgery can be. In as little as one visit to our Santa Rosa dental office, cosmetic dental care can bring you the smile you have always dreamed of with less time taken away from your busy life. There are a variety of cosmetic dental treatments available to you that will result in an attractive, youthful, natural looking smile!

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Meet Dr. Buzza

Dr. Buzza has been changing lives and perfecting smiles for his Santa Rosa dental care patients since 1983. Dr. Buzza enjoys all aspects of dental care and excels in creating incredible smiles, often while his dental care patients are lightly sedated using sleep dentistry. A true dental care pioneer, Dr. Buzza brought sleep dentistry to Santa Rosa in 1997 and is sought after for his dental care practice's sedation and cosmetic dentistry expertise by dental colleauges

Many of his dental care patients travel hours to benefit from the considerate, comprehensive dental care he and his team provide.

Dr. Buzza has been a dental instructor on cosmetic denistry at the Pacific Aesthetic Continuum, a unique program teaching advanced cosmetic and reconstructive dental techniques and helping dentists enrich patients' lives and exceed their expectations with only the finest dental care.
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Dental Services
Excellence in care forms the foundation of Dr. Buzza’s philosophy of treatment. With state-of the-art technology, he is dedicated to customized patient care and comfort while keeping each patient’s smile beautiful and healthy.

Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry: Cosmetic dental procedures can be performed to correct misshaped, discolored, chipped or missing teeth. Dr. Buzza is able to mimic the natural appearance and function of your teeth by using outstanding new technology and procedures. He offers a wide spectrum of personalized services including porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges, tooth colored fillings, bonding, and whitening techniques. Additional options include reshaping and contouring existing teeth or replacing missing teeth with implants, bridgework, or specialty dentures.

Oral Health & Preventive Dentistry: Dr. Buzza and his team understand the significance that your oral health has on your total general health. They provide comprehensive oral hygiene care to help prevent new cavities, preserve teeth that have already been restored as well as managing periodontal disease. Thorough examinations, cancer screenings, regular maintenance, as well as necessary restorative procedures will help each patient achieve a lifetime of oral health.

Sedation Dentistry: As your dentist, Dr. Buzza is eager to spend time familiarizing you with how sedation or sleep dentistry works, and your dental care options. The term sedation dentistry is also sometimes referred to as sleep dentistry...a means by which Dr. Buzza can minimize your dental appointment's discomfort and anxiety...all in the comfort of his Santa Rosa office.

Patient Comfort: Dr. Buzza believes in focusing full attention on patient service with attention to details. While visiting the office, you will benefit from the many amenities offered to make your visit a comfortable and relaxed experience. Cozy blankets, paraffin wax hand treatments, lip gloss for dryness and warm towels to refresh yourself before leaving are provided by people who care about your comfort. Have peace of mind knowing that their “client first” philosophy and high standards create a professional and uniquely personal experience.
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