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David M. Harris, MS, PhD

Director, Bio-Medical Consultants, Inc

Dr. David M. Harris, MS PhD

Dr. David M. Harris received a master’s degree in psychology (1975) and a PhD in neurophysiology (1977) from Northwestern University. He has served as director of research, Department of Otolaryngology, University of Illinois Medical Center and has held teaching and research appointments as professor of Biology, Psychology, Communicative Disorders, Otolaryngology, Anatomy, Surgery, Oral Biology, and Dentistry at several medical and dental schools, including Northwestern University, University of Illinois Medical Center, Yale School of Medicine, UCSF Dental School and University of Washington. Dr. Harris has authored more than 150 research articles. Since 1980, he has been director of Bio-Medical Consultants, Inc. Dr. Harris has been a scientific advisor to Millennium Dental Technologies, which created the LANAP® procedure, since 1999 and he is currently employed at the Chief Science Officer.