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Anne C.R. Tanner, BDS, PhD

Harvard School of Dental Medicine

Anne C.R. Tanner, BDS, PhD.

Dr. Anne C.R. Tanner earned a dental degree (BDS, 1968) and a PhD in Dental Microbiology (1981) from the University of London. She is currently an associate clinical professor at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine and a senior staff member of the Forsyth Institute, a center for oral health research. Dr. Tanner studies the bacteria that cause gum disease and tooth decay using culture and molecular methods, and participates in the Human Oral Microbiome Database project. Her studies recently found a new bacterial species, Scardovia wiggsiae, associated with tooth decay in children. Two types of oral bacteria have been named for her: Tannerella forsythia and Prevotella tanneriae.