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Carole A. Palmer, EdD, RD

Tufts University Nutritionist

Carole A. Palmer, EdD, RD.

Dr. Carole Palmer received her Bachelors of Science degree in nutrition at Simmons College, Masters' degree/Dietetic Internship at Tufts University and the New England Medical Center Hospital, Doctorate in Educational Policy, Planning, and Administration at Boston University. She is Professor and Head of the Division of Nutrition and Oral Health Promotion, Dept. of Public Health & Community Service, School of Dental Medicine; Professor, School of Nutrition, Adjunct Professor School of Medicine - at Tufts University. Primary research emphasis: study of relationships between diet/nutrition on oral conditions. A leader in developing and implementing nutrition care in clinical dental settings. Known internationally for innovative nutrition-related video training programs developed for national research studies and government agencies. She has written extensively and is the editor of “Diet and Nutrition in Oral Health” now in its 2nd edition in paperback.