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Dr. Travis Stork, MD.
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The Fight Against Big Tobacco: A Matter of Life and Death
Dr. Stanton A. Glantz, a professor of medicine and director of the Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education at the University of California, San Francisco, has spent a lot of time doing battle with the tobacco industry. In this interview, Dr. Glantz offers his report from the front lines... Read
Special Effects Dentistry Plays a Major Role in Hollywood
Ever wonder how an actor can realistically appear to have a tooth knocked out in a fight scene, or how a star with beautiful teeth in real life can flash a hideous grin on film? The answer is special effects dentistry — a subject Gary Archer knows a lot about. Find out how he created some of the scariest smiles in film history!  Read
Children’s Dental Concerns and Injuries
If your child complained of a toothache or chipped a tooth, would you know what to do to relieve the pain and help ensure the best outcome? Dear Doctor provides some guidelines for handling everything from minor tooth pain to a knocked-out permanent tooth...  Read
Straightening a Smile Before Replacing Lost Teeth
Replacing a missing tooth — particularly in a highly visible area of the mouth — can do a lot to restore your smile and self-confidence. Before a missing tooth or teeth can be replaced, however, orthodontic treatment is sometimes recommended. Our expert explains why this might be necessary and how it’s done...  Read
HIV-AIDS and Oral Health
Today, about 1.3 million Americans are living with HIV infection — and about 50,000 new cases are diagnosed in the U.S. each year. Many will develop related oral conditions that are potentially serious. Proper dental care can help relieve many oral problems that may cause individuals to suffer discomfort and a reduced quality of life...  Read
Consultations  View Issue
Sleeping in Dentures
A Habit That Can Cause Health Problems  Read
Dental Implants and Diabetes
Can Implant Placement Surgery be Successful in Diabetics?  Read
Periodontal Cleanings
Maintaining Dental Health After Treatment for Gum Disease  Read
Porcelain Dental Crowns
What Makes One Type Better Than Another?  Read
Bitewing X-rays
A Routine Part of Your Dental Exam  Read