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Jen Widerstrom.
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New Saliva Test for Oral Cancer
The five-year survival rate for oral cancer is about 50/50 — and that rate hasn't improved significantly in decades. One reason this disease is so deadly is that it often produces few noticeable symptoms until the later stages. Yet if discovered early, the survival rate rises dramatically. A new saliva test for oral cancer aims to find the disease while the odds of successful treatment are much better...  Read
Why Your Dental Records Should Follow You
Having your dental records follow you from one dental practice to another can save you time and money — and may spare you the discomfort of having unnecessary procedures. Find out what is in your dental records, how dentists use them to provide you with the best oral health care, and what rights you have to the information they contain...  Read
Understanding Periodontal Pockets
Periodontal pockets are a telltale sign of gum disease, the number one cause of tooth loss in adults. These small gaps between the teeth and gums can harbor bacteria, which attack the structures that anchor the teeth in place. Find out how a dentist determines if you have periodontal pockets, how pockets progress, and what you can do to help keep them from forming in the first place...  Read
How a Routine Dental Visit Saved My Life
Brooke Vitense was a busy, happy 26-year-old when she noticed some strange spots on her tongue. Since she was due for a routine dental checkup anyway, she decided to ask her dentist about them. Doing so saved her life — and now she tells her story...  Read
Celeste's Makeover is Complete!
Severe periodontal disease had wrecked Celeste's smile and made eating very difficult. Social and business interactions were fraught with embarrassment. She felt hopeless...until she won the gift of a new smile from Dear Doctor's Ultimate Smile Makeover contest. Now Celeste can eat all of her favorite foods again and smile proudly. Yet the biggest change may be to her self-confidence...  Read
Consultations  View Issue
Oral Hygiene for Fixed Bridgework
Flossing around dental implants helps prevent gum disease  Read
Shingles, Herpes Zoster
A one-sided facial rash  Read
Root Cavities
Tooth decay near the gum line affects many older adults  Read
Carbohydrates Linked to Gum Disease
A better diet promotes healthier smiles  Read