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The Art (and Science) of Removable Dentures

Not all dentures are created equal. In fact, the process of fabricating and fitting quality dentures is a blend of science and art in which several people have important roles to play. The stars of this show include our clinical staff, the dental laboratory technician — and you, the denture wearer.

The first step takes place in the dental office: Your dentist will make an accurate impression (mold) of the bony ridges on the top and/or bottom of your mouth. From this mold, the base of the denture will be crafted in the laboratory. Working together, the dentist and the lab technician can choose from among many different sizes and shapes of prosthetic teeth to create a natural-looking smile that's just right for you.

Typically, if there are teeth that can't be saved, and you're having them removed as part of this step, a temporary denture is made and fitted as a trial. When everyone is satisfied with the result, a permanent denture can be fabricated. It's also critical to “balance the bite,” meaning that your upper and lower dentures come together properly and stabilize each other. After a short transitional period, most people adjust well to wearing dentures. Learn more by reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “Removable Full Dentures.”

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