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Go Fetch — a Pet Toothbrush!

Fun Dental Facts, Oral Hygiene

You probably wouldn’t think of skipping your oral hygiene routine for a day. Your breath would smell, your teeth might yellow, and you’d risk all kinds of painful (and expensive) consequences: tooth decay, gum disease and even systemic inflammation. Yet so many people ignore this crucial routine when it comes more...

Toothbrush Commands Out-of-This-World Price

Fun Dental Facts

What's the big deal about a used plastic toothbrush with a broken rubber tip and the usual signs of wear? Plenty when it's been to the moon and back with the second man ever to walk on the lunar surface. Recently the toothbrush belonging to Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin more...

Neem – Oral Healthcare in Developing Countries

Fun Dental Facts, Oral Hygiene

Did you know that neem is one of the products used in oral healthcare in developing countries? For example, India has been using the neem tree and its products to create toothbrushes for centuries. A person chews one end of the neem twig until it somewhat resembles the bristles of more...

Do Not Forget Your Teeth When It Comes to Spring Cleaning

Dental Health Tips

Once the warm weather of spring arrives, many people get motivated and start their annual spring-cleaning ritual. This activity usually is focused on cleaning out closets; however, this year, why don't you try something new and use this same approach to your oral healthcare. Toss your old toothbrush in favor more...

Is Your Toothbrush Still Up to the Job?

Oral Hygiene

While your teeth are supposed to last you a lifetime, your toothbrush isn't. Even if properly cared for, the average lifespan for a toothbrush is only 3 to 4 months. Proper toothbrushing—holding your brush with a gentle grip and brushing between the gums and teeth at the gum line to more...

The True Value of a Dental Cleaning

Oral Hygiene

Maintaining good oral healthcare involves several factors: daily cleaning with your toothbrush, using a fluoride toothpaste, flossing, and of course routine dental exams and cleanings. Your partners in this effort are your dentist and dental hygienist—the people who typically perform your cleaning. Dental hygienists collaborate with dentists to provide optimal more...

The Benefits of Using Toothpaste

Oral Hygiene

Using toothpaste—and more specifically a fluoride toothpaste—when brushing is considered a first and primary step to good oral hygiene. And the reasons for doing so are clear and quite basic; removing dental bacterial plaque is significantly easier due to the antibacterial ingredients and abrasives contained in most toothpastes. Your teeth more...

The Proper Way to Brush and Floss

Oral Hygiene

If you asked most adults if they feel that their method for brushing and flossing is correct, most would reply, “yes.” However, many are surprised when they discover that what they've been doing for years may in fact be undermining good oral health. By holding your toothbrush in the wrong more...

Promoting Dental Health through Good Oral Hygiene Habits

Oral Hygiene

When it comes to oral hygiene, it is surprising to learn just how many beliefs turn out to be no more than time honored myths. For example, there is no specific research available to tell an individual how many times a day it is necessary to brush and floss to more...