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Tooth Pain Highs and Lows

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What do air travel and scuba diving have in common? These activities may bring summer vacation to mind, but they also share something less pleasant: Both flying and deep sea diving can be a real pain — in the tooth, that is. This is because both involve changes in pressure more...

New ADA Report Names Top 3 Oral-Health Problems

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What are the most common oral health problems Americans are facing today? The Health Policy Institute, a research division of the American Dental Association, recently released the results of a wide-ranging survey of nearly 15,000 adults across every state. Here's what they found: For the population as a whole, the more...

The Top 10 Reasons for Tooth Pain

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Tooth pain can range from mild and fleeting to throbbing and constant but the mechanism behind what you’re feeling is often the same: the nerves in the pulp chamber at the center of your affected tooth or teeth are responding to stimuli and sending out a warning in the form more...