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School Lunches: Squeeze Out the Juice

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Sending the kids back to school means it’s time to start packing those lunch boxes! And when you do, keep in mind that what your children drink can affect their oral health just as much as what they eat. The scientific evidence is overwhelming that sugar is the most important more...

Just Say No to Fruit Juice Before Age 1

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When the labels claim “100% juice,” “no added sugar” and “all natural,” it's tempting to think that juice is a good nutritional choice for children. That's why parents buy gallons of it every year, daycares stock juice boxes adorned with beloved cartoon characters, and school cafeterias serve juice to help more...

You Might Be More Prone to Cavities

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You brush and floss daily and don't snack on sugary treats, yet you've had your fair share of cavities. Your friend, on the other hand, is lax with the dental hygiene and lives on energy drinks and junk food, yet rarely has a cavity. What gives? Cavities, which result from more...

Preventing Tooth Decay: Is Your Diet Helping or Hurting Your Efforts?

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The foundation for tooth decay prevention is daily brushing and flossing, along with professional cleanings and checkups as often as your dentist recommends. But what you eat is also important — your diet could be hurting your hygiene efforts. So, how do your favorite foods fare in the war against more...

The End of Drilling?

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Some say that in the future we’ll all work at home, drive flying cars, and never need to have a cavity drilled. Actually, one of those predictions may be coming true sooner than you think. Researchers at King’s College in London are presently testing a device that may one day more...

The Army’s New Secret Weapon — Against Plaque

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Uniform? Check. Service weapon? Check. Toothbrush and floss? It’s no surprise that soldiers in the field don’t always take the time to maintain good oral hygiene. And that, as any dentist would tell you, can lead to a serious conflict… with cavities. In fact, a recent study in the journal more...

Sugar Wrecks More Than Teeth

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Most of us know that sugar is a major contributor to tooth decay. Now, scientists at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) want to make sure word gets out about how devastating sugar is to our general health as well. Their effort, called SugarScience, has distilled 8,000 scientific journal more...

Make Tooth Decay Go Away By Following These Guidelines

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Dental caries — more commonly known as tooth decay — is the result of having too much acid-producing bacteria inside the mouth, which causes cavities to form. Unlike other medical conditions that can directly be linked to genetics, tooth decay is mainly caused when the delicate balance between disease causing more...

You should encourage the use of a training cup to replace a baby bottle!

Pediatric Dentistry

Around the first birthday, training cups should be introduced to “train” a baby to graduate from a bottle to a cup. The use of a training or sippy cup will provide an easier transition for the child when going from the bottle to a regular cup. A cup with a more...

6 Tips to Help Prevent the Erosion of Tooth Enamel

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Don't rush to brush: Waiting for 30 to 60 minutes after sipping on a soda gives teeth time to re-mineralize (essentially re-harden) after the acid softens the surface enamel. Basically, the saliva neutralizes the effects of the acid, by serving as a buffer. Intuitively you might think that brushing right more...