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Tetracycline Staining—What Can I Do about It?

Common Symptoms, Medication

Many adults today suffer from the embarrassment of discolored or stained teeth due to the fact they were given the antibiotic, Tetracycline, as a child. While the damage from Tetracycline is not reversible as the staining becomes part of the structure of the teeth, the good news is that your more...

Are Coffee, Tea and Wine Staining Your Teeth?

Common Symptoms

While your favorite morning eye-opener, a freshly brewed cup of hot coffee or tea, may seem like a must have, the facts are clear. They stain natural teeth. In fact, there are numerous foods and beverages that can wreak havoc on your smile. However, there is good news. By incorporating more...

True or False: Too Much Swimming Pool Water Can Stain Your Teeth

Fun Dental Facts

True! Frequent swimming may cause yellowish or dark brown stains on your teeth if you are spending six or more hours in the pool each week. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, when your teeth are exposed to large amounts of chemically treated pool water, which is more alkaline more...