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Philadelphia Becomes First Big City to Enact a Soda Tax

Nutrition, tooth decay

Proposing a soda tax can be a political hot potato. Several bills were floated in New York, but none ever got off the ground. Legislation in the California State Assembly was pulled before it came to a vote. Some forty times previously, state and city governments rejected a proposed tax more...

Fluoride—Are You Aware Its Everywhere?

Fun Dental Facts, Oral Health

Having the right amount of fluoride in your diet is vital for good oral health. We all typically purchase fluoridated toothpaste and most people are aware that it is added to public water systems as important public health measure so that you get it in your home directly from your more...

Your Favorite Drink May Be Causing Dental Erosion

Sports Dentistry, tooth decay

Today dentists are seeing more and more patients with dental erosion making it an important topic that needs addressing. When confronted with this issue, patients are typically shocked to discover that one of the main culprits may be their favorite soda, fruit juice, or sports drink! Dental erosion is the more...

The Impact of Drinking Soda on Your Teeth

Oral Health

Although dentists recommend low sugar intake in your diet, many people don't connect this request with drinking soda. Did you know that soda has a highly destructive effect on your tooth enamel and that diet sodas are often as bad if not worse? While diet sodas have less sugar, this more...

Preventing Tooth Enamel Erosion

Oral Health

Concerns with eroding tooth enamel may not be something you think about everyday; however, poor habits and lifestyle choices just might be slowly robbing you of your smile. Did you know that sodas, even diet sodas, sports drinks, and fruit juices are often very acidic and actually dissolve the surface more...