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Cosmetic Dentistry—The Options and Issues

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The decision to pursue cosmetic dentistry is a personal one as people often pursue it to overcome issues that have concerned them deeply and affected how they feel about themselves. Other people may hardly notice their concern; however, it is monumental to that individual. If this describes you, it is more...

What to Do About a “Gummy” Smile

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When some people smile, an inordinate amount of gum tissue shows above their upper teeth. Labeled with having a “gummy” smile, they can feel a lack of self-confidence that actually inhibits how often or even if they smile. If this describes you or someone you know, there is hope! Like more...

Secrets for Getting the Smile Restoration You Want

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Besides selecting a great cosmetic dental professional, the most important secret for achieving a successful smile makeover is to know the answers to a few vital questions. Knowing what you want and being able to communicate that verbally and through photos and magazine images, are also tools that can be more...

Smile Design Techniques…Understanding My Options

cosmetic dentistry, smile design

Cosmetic dentistry today offers a wide variety of options for improving or restoring your smile. However, knowing or even understanding your options can be intimidating. For example, what is the difference between bonding (an acrylic material) and veneers (typically porcelain)? And what on Earth is gum contouring...and why could it more...