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The Art (and Science) of Removable Dentures


Not all dentures are created equal. In fact, the process of fabricating and fitting quality dentures is a blend of science and art in which several people have important roles to play. The stars of this show include our clinical staff, the dental laboratory technician — and you, the denture more...

All About Removable Dentures


In the United States today, some 26% of adults between 65 and 74 have lost all of their teeth; many more have partial tooth loss. Besides having a negative impact on an individual's self-image, missing teeth can also lead to nutritional problems, and even systemic health disorders. Removable dentures are more...

$24,000 was paid for Winston Churchill’s partial denture!

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A set of partial dentures was auctioned off on July 29, 2010 for the incredible price of approximately $24,000. Of course, these were not your everyday dentures, having often been referred to as the “teeth that saved the world.” The gold-plated upper dentures, one of several sets, were worn by more...