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Tips for Dental Emergencies while Traveling Abroad

Dental Emergencies

Are you planning a vacation outside the U.S.? Don't have your vacation ruined by a toothache. Prior to traveling abroad a thorough dental examination is important especially if traveling to developing countries or remote areas without access to safe dental care. Emergency dental care abroad may be hard to find, more...

Jaw Pain after a Fall…What You Should Do

Common Symptoms, Dental Injuries

Are you experiencing persistent pain in your jaw after a fall that won't go away or is getting worse? The first and most important tip is to see your dentist or oral surgeon now! There are many reasons for jaw pain; however, you need a professional to understand what happened more...

Repairing Your Teenager’s Chipped Tooth

Dental Injuries

Unfortunately accidents happen and as a result, your child may end up with a chipped tooth. If you find yourself in this situation, don't worry—a composite tooth-colored restoration actually bonded to the tooth is an ideal material for repairing broken or chipped teeth. One reason supporting this choice is that more...

Saving a Lost Tooth After an Accident

Dental Injuries

Losing a permanent tooth can be traumatic for anyone; however, knowing what to do should it happen may enable you to save the tooth. The clock starts ticking from the moment the tooth is lost. It has the best chance for survival if it is re-implanted as soon as possible, more...