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Kristin Cavallari Talks About Her “Spaghetti Catcher”

Everybody knows that Kristin Cavallari has a winning smile. In fact, the 25-year-old actress and TV personality recently received the 2012 “Smile of the Year” award from Dear Doctor magazine! But here's something you may not know: Her teeth weren't always as perfect as they are now.

Cavallari began with orthodontics in sixth grade, the same way many other kids do. To get her treatment started quickly, she was fitted with a palatal expander. This orthodontic device, worn inside the mouth, takes advantage of the natural growth patterns of a child's upper jaw: By gently applying pressure on the left and right sides of the developing bones, the palatal expander actually widens the upper jaw in a relatively short time, creating additional space for teeth that would otherwise be too crowded.

It may sound scary... but it's not! In fact, this appliance may keep your child from needing to have teeth extracted, a less conservative treatment. Reminiscing about her palatal expander, Cavallari recently said, “I had the ‘spaghetti catcher,’ which is what everyone used to call it.” We call it a great treatment option! Learn more by reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “Palatal Expanders.”

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