Jillian Michaels Protects Her Winning Smile With a Mouthguard

Although she's an enthusiastic aficionado of the martial arts, Jillian Michaels — fitness guru, television personality and popular author — hasn't had a dental accident in years. That's because, these days, she always wears an athletic mouthguard when she's participating in a potentially dangerous activity. But she wasn't always so lucky: a childhood accident at the swimming pool made it necessary for her to have her two front teeth replaced with crowns.

We certainly recommend a custom-fitted mouthguard as your first line of defense! But if an accident does happen, crowns are a good option for tooth restoration. What exactly is a crown? Sometimes called a cap, it's simply a custom-made replacement for the visible part of a tooth that has been damaged. Crowns can be made of tooth-colored porcelain or dental ceramics, metal alloys, or porcelain fused to metal.

If the roots of the affected tooth are healthy, crowns can be an excellent restoration option; if damaged, a bridge or dental implant may be required. Either way, your dentist can evaluate your individual situation and recommend the most effective restoration option. Learn more in the Dear Doctor magazine article “Porcelain Crowns and Veneers.”

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