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Cheryl Burke Learns That Father Knows Best About Oral Health

It's a fact of life that kids don't always do what their parents tell them: When your Mom and Dad told you to brush and floss as a kid, did you routinely follow their instructions? Professional ballroom dancer and TV star Cheryl Burke didn't (at least, not always.) And her stepfather was — wait for it — a dentist! “I definitely had my share of cavities,” Cheryl recalled. “I didn't use floss.”

Like many of us, Cheryl learned the hard way that less-than-perfect oral hygiene is related to many common dental problems like tooth decay. In fact, tooth decay has been called the number one chronic childhood disease — but it's also a disease that's highly preventable! While there's no single “magic bullet” that can stop decay in every case, there are several steps you can take against this disease.

Brushing and flossing, of course, are prime defenses. Your diet can also play a major role in determining whether you'll be subject to decay. And regular checkups and cleanings are not only essential, but they're the best way to learn about effective strategies for preventing cavities. Learn more by reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “Tooth Decay.”


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