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Stephen Curry’s Athletic Mouthguard

Celebrity Smiles, Dental Injuries, Sports Dentistry

If you’ve seen NBA player Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors getting ready to take a free throw, you may have noticed that there’s one piece of gear he’s never without. It’s not a special pair of shoes or some lucky trunks peeking out from under his uniform. It’s more...

Preventing Concussions With Custom-Made Mouthguards

Oral Health, Sports Dentistry

If you’re the athletic type — or if your child plays sports — you probably know that wearing a mouthguard is a proven method of preventing dental injuries. Now, evidence is mounting that this essential piece of protective gear can also help prevent concussions — and the mouthguard that works more...

Cat Cora Encourages Her Kids to Play – Safely!

Celebrity Smiles, Dental Health Tips, Dental Injuries, Sports Dentistry

Whether it's a family game of soccer or an all-out cooking contest on Iron Chef America, TV personality and professional chef Cat Cora isn't afraid of some physical exertion. In fact, she told Dear Doctor magazine, she often shoos her young sons out of the house, saying “You're a boy, more...

Jillian Michaels Protects Her Winning Smile With a Mouthguard

Celebrity Smiles, Dental Health Tips, Dental Injuries, Sports Dentistry

Although she's an enthusiastic aficionado of the martial arts, Jillian Michaels — fitness guru, television personality and popular author — hasn't had a dental accident in years. That's because, these days, she always wears an athletic mouthguard when she's participating in a potentially dangerous activity. But she wasn't always so more...

What is sports dentistry?

Sports Dentistry

In sports, the challenge is to maximize the benefits of participation, and to limit injuries. The Sports Dentist should be concerned with providing proper injury prevention strategies and dental education. Prevention and adequate preparation are key elements in minimizing injuries that occur in sports. Properly conditioned bodies, well-fitting protective equipment, more...

Football protection has come a long way!

Sports Dentistry

It's widely thought that a change in the rules of football led quickly to the need for better protective equipment. In 1888, the college football annual rules convention voted to allow tackling below the waist. Players and coaches soon viewed pads as essential for the game. However, helmets were the more...

Your Favorite Drink May Be Causing Dental Erosion

Sports Dentistry, tooth decay

Today dentists are seeing more and more patients with dental erosion making it an important topic that needs addressing. When confronted with this issue, patients are typically shocked to discover that one of the main culprits may be their favorite soda, fruit juice, or sports drink! Dental erosion is the more...

Honus Wagner’s healthy lifestyle paid off big!

Sports Dentistry

Do you know the story behind baseball's highest selling card in history? In the early 1900's, tobacco manufacturers put baseball cards in cigarette packages. Honus Wagner played from 1897 to 1917 and was one of the first five players to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Wagner was more...

The Importance of Mouthguards During Contact Sports

Dental Injuries, Sports Dentistry

No parent, caregiver, or coach ever wants to see a child suffer an injury during a sporting event or any other circumstance. The American Dental Association and Academy of Sports Dentistry and many others, strongly recommend mouthguards for anyone participating in high contact and impact sports to protect the teeth, more...