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The Top 10 Reasons for Tooth Pain

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Tooth pain can range from mild and fleeting to throbbing and constant but the mechanism behind what you’re feeling is often the same: the nerves in the pulp chamber at the center of your affected tooth or teeth are responding to stimuli and sending out a warning in the form more...

Dr. Travis Stork Gets a Root Canal on National TV

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Although the thought of it makes some people nervous, a root canal procedure is nothing to be anxious about. In fact, you have probably heard lots of medical professionals say that it isn’t really painful at all. But how many are willing to have the procedure done on themselves… and more...

Could a Root Canal Help You?

Root Canal

How do you know if you might need a root canal? Sometimes, the answer is painfully obvious. If you feel severe aching and pressure in your mouth that doesn't go away, or noticeable sensitivity and swelling in your gums, don't wait — visit your dentist for evaluation and treatment right more...

The Truth About Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal

Does the thought that you may need root canal treatment send shivers up your spine? Do you have the idea that it's a painful and complicated procedure that is best avoided? If so, it's time to think again. While an infection or inflammation in your tooth's pulp tissue can indeed more...

Do I Have the Symptoms of a Future Root Canal Problem?

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When all the tissue inside your tooth (pulp chamber) dies, including the nerve, the pain may be acute, even excruciating! Many times the pain goes away temporarily, but the infection does not. And when this occurs, you will need a root canal to treat the infection so that your tooth more...

Can You Really Whiten a Traumatized Tooth?

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Years after having a root canal on one of your front teeth, you may notice that your tooth has become darker than the surrounding teeth. While this can have a negative impact on your self-esteem as you find yourself smiling less, there is great news! Your dentist may be able more...

The Truth about a Root Canal

Root Canal

The popular expression, “I'd rather have a root canal...” has unfortunately earned this tooth saving dental procedure a bad rap. While the pain prior to the procedure can be horrific, the actual treatment itself is relatively painless and very successful. And the news gets even better as the tooth that more...