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Pregnancy & Oral Health

Oral Health, Pregnancy

Every expectant mother knows that with the excitement of being pregnant comes a multitude of questions. However, when it comes to pregnancy and its relationship to oral health, well, many mothers are unaware of the questions they should be asking. They may not be aware of the link that exists more...

Dental Facts Every Expectant Mother Needs to Know

Fun Dental Facts, Pregnancy

For expectant mothers it is quite normal to be concerned about their own general and oral health. Could pregnancy affect my gums? (Yes, gingivitis, inflammation of the gum tissue is common from the second through the eighth month of pregnancy.) Does the calcium for the baby's teeth come from my more...

The Effects of Pregnancy and Birth Control on Gum Disease


The effects of dental bacterial plaque biofilm are especially apparent in some pregnant women during their first trimester. This condition known as pregnancy gingivitis even occurs in women who are not pregnant but take certain birth control medications. The reason these women experience this issue is typically the same for more...