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Sugar Wrecks More Than Teeth

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Most of us know that sugar is a major contributor to tooth decay. Now, scientists at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) want to make sure word gets out about how devastating sugar is to our general health as well. Their effort, called SugarScience, has distilled 8,000 scientific journal more...

What Alison Sweeney Has Against Sugar

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For Alison Sweeney, host of the hit television show The Biggest Loser, sugar is the enemy — in more ways than one. As a TV personality and author concerned with proper diet and weight loss, she recognizes that sugar is a source of unneeded calories. And as a working actress more...

Enjoying Better Nutrition in Gourmet Style


There's a common belief that a change to a more nutritious diet spells the end of one's love affair with food. In other words, if you want to eat in a more healthy way, you have to sacrifice taste. Annemarie Colbin's life mission is to dispel that belief, and to more...

Nutritional Myth Busters


Separating the facts from fiction couldn't be more important than when it comes to nutrition. However, in the world today and even with the Internet, it can be challenging to obtain factual information from a resource you can trust. This is the reason we've taken some of the most popular more...

The Importance of Nutrition in General and Oral Health

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The U.S. Surgeon General has stated emphatically that, “you can't be healthy without oral health.” Given this scientifically backed opinion, life-long good health requires a solid understanding and application of the basics in nutrition, diet, and exercise. With approximately 127 million overweight adults in the U.S., 60 million obese, and more...

Guidelines Toward More Healthy Eating Habits


Jenny Mathau of the Natural Gourmet Institutes has seven dietary guidelines that can help you enjoy better health and nutrition: Eat an abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits — an essential source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber Choose high quality organic protein — like beans, cold-water fish or free-range more...

Understanding the Importance of Nutrition When It Comes to Oral Health


No one can argue about the important role a well-balanced diet plays with regard to your general health. It is essential for growth as well as health maintenance and no less important are the effects of diet on oral health. Not only do nutritional requirements change through life affecting the more...