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No Fooling: Baby Teeth Really Do Deserve Special Care

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On April Fool’s Day, many people enjoy playing harmless pranks on unsuspecting colleagues… like leaving a memo that “Mr. Fox” called, along with the phone number of the local zoo. But this past April 1, the New York Times took the opposite tack: They ran an interactive feature called “A more...

Becoming a Dentist: What’s Involved?

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Interested in becoming a dentist? The American Dental Association recommends the following steps for high school students who may be considering a career in dentistry: Get a broad exposure to science and math while in high school — enroll in college preparatory classes in biology, algebra and chemistry. Continue taking more...

If A Back Tooth Is Lost, Will You Miss It?

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A surprising number of Americans — some 70% of the U.S. population — is thought to be missing at least one tooth, usually one of the molars in back. But if you can't see the missing tooth, does it truly matter? Perhaps unexpectedly, the answer is: Yes, it does! The more...

When Your Child Needs Dental Treatment

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Dental treatments like root canals and tooth-colored bonding aren't just for adults. In fact, children sometimes require the same dental treatments that adults routinely get — though not always for the same reasons. For example, an adult may need a root canal to save a permanent tooth that's in danger more...

Early Milestones for Your Child’s Teeth

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Your child's babyhood won't last forever — and neither will the baby teeth. Yet those primary teeth will be there for most of childhood, and they'll set the stage for the permanent teeth that follow. That's why it's important to care for them just as you care for your grown-up more...

Cat Cora Encourages Her Kids to Play – Safely!

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Whether it's a family game of soccer or an all-out cooking contest on Iron Chef America, TV personality and professional chef Cat Cora isn't afraid of some physical exertion. In fact, she told Dear Doctor magazine, she often shoos her young sons out of the house, saying “You're a boy, more...

Jillian Michaels Protects Her Winning Smile With a Mouthguard

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Although she's an enthusiastic aficionado of the martial arts, Jillian Michaels — fitness guru, television personality and popular author — hasn't had a dental accident in years. That's because, these days, she always wears an athletic mouthguard when she's participating in a potentially dangerous activity. But she wasn't always so more...

The Best Valentine's Day Present—A Healthy Kissable Mouth

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It doesn't matter if you are giving your 5-year old, your spouse, or your significant other a Valentine's Day kiss, no one wants to kiss or be kissed by anyone with bad oral hygiene. In fact, you should always keep your mouth healthy and attractive by brushing at least twice more...

A Father’s Day Dental Health Tip

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Based on research, men are more likely than women to develop gum disease. This reality is because men are more apt to smoke, drink, clench or grind their teeth, and eat a poor diet and less apt to brush and floss. However, the good news is that this situation can more...

A Mother’s Day Dental Health Tip

Dental Health Tips

This month as we honor our mothers, Dear Doctor magazine and your dentist want to take the opportunity to raise awareness about the oral health concerns that can face women throughout their life. Women may be more susceptible to oral health problems from dental (bacterial) plaque build-up due to the more...