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Kris Bryant’s Choice: The Diamond or the Dental Office

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“What do you want to be when you grow up?” That's a question every kid gets asked at some stage of life — and the answers they give may be cute, hopeful… or possibly, surprising. Take Major League Baseball star Kris Bryant, for example. Not so long ago, the Chicago more...

Kathy Bates Chose Invisalign to Straighten Her Smile

Celebrity Smiles, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics

Although she's taken on many different roles in her career, Kathy Bates is perhaps best known for portraying creepy characters — like the ones she played in the film Misery and the TV show American Horror Story. So, when she recently told Dear Doctor magazine, "I noticed my teeth were more...

Stephen Curry’s Athletic Mouthguard

Celebrity Smiles, Dental Injuries, Sports Dentistry

If you’ve seen NBA player Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors getting ready to take a free throw, you may have noticed that there’s one piece of gear he’s never without. It’s not a special pair of shoes or some lucky trunks peeking out from under his uniform. It’s more...

Dr. Travis Stork Gets a Root Canal on National TV

Celebrity Smiles, Root Canal

Although the thought of it makes some people nervous, a root canal procedure is nothing to be anxious about. In fact, you have probably heard lots of medical professionals say that it isn’t really painful at all. But how many are willing to have the procedure done on themselves… and more...

Nolan Gould Isn’t Scared of the Dentist Any More

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Thirteen-year-old Nolan Gould — who's has starring roles in hit TV shows like Modern Family and movies like Space Buddies — is already a regular on big and small screens. He's also a veteran in the dentist's office, with a professional interest in maintaining a good-looking smile. A few years more...

Cat Cora Encourages Her Kids to Play – Safely!

Celebrity Smiles, Dental Health Tips, Dental Injuries, Sports Dentistry

Whether it's a family game of soccer or an all-out cooking contest on Iron Chef America, TV personality and professional chef Cat Cora isn't afraid of some physical exertion. In fact, she told Dear Doctor magazine, she often shoos her young sons out of the house, saying “You're a boy, more...

What Alison Sweeney Has Against Sugar

Celebrity Smiles, Nutrition, Oral Hygiene

For Alison Sweeney, host of the hit television show The Biggest Loser, sugar is the enemy — in more ways than one. As a TV personality and author concerned with proper diet and weight loss, she recognizes that sugar is a source of unneeded calories. And as a working actress more...

Olivia Newton-John Encourages Cancer Screenings

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Want to know whether early cancer detection is beneficial? Just ask Grammy-award-winning singer and long-term cancer survivor (or as she prefers it, “cancer thriver”) Olivia Newton-John. “Early detection is key to survival!” she recently told Dear Doctor magazine. How does she know? About 20 years ago, Newton-John discovered a lump more...

Cheryl Burke Learns That Father Knows Best About Oral Health

Celebrity Smiles, Oral Hygiene

It's a fact of life that kids don't always do what their parents tell them: When your Mom and Dad told you to brush and floss as a kid, did you routinely follow their instructions? Professional ballroom dancer and TV star Cheryl Burke didn't (at least, not always.) And her more...

Kathy Ireland’s Supermodel Smile Restored With Dental Implant

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Not too long ago, the former supermodel and present-day business executive Kathy Ireland took a bad fall on her driveway. How bad was it? Bad enough that her husband — a seasoned emergency-room physician — was alarmed. The accident left her with some serious injuries, including wounds to her face more...