Cat Cora Encourages Her Kids to Play – Safely!

Whether it's a family game of soccer or an all-out cooking contest on Iron Chef America, TV personality and professional chef Cat Cora isn't afraid of some physical exertion. In fact, she told Dear Doctor magazine, she often shoos her young sons out of the house, saying “You're a boy, you're young, go play!”

But the culinary star was recently reminded that the rough-and tumble play of children isn't risk-free: Her 7-year old received an accidental blow to the mouth while jumping on a trampoline. Now, she makes him wear a professionally-fitted mouthguard when he's using gym equipment or playing soccer.

Numerous studies have shown that mouthguards are effective in preventing dental injuries. But there's a catch: They only work when you wear them! That's one of the reasons why a comfortable, individually-fabricated mouthguard is so much better than a one-size, off-the-shelf model. Other reasons are higher quality materials and better design. Your dentist can deliver a custom-made mouthguard that fits right and feels comfortable, so your child won't mind wearing it when it counts! Learn more by reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “Athletic Mouthguards.”

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