AACD Adademy of Cosmetic Dentistru Dear Doctor, the premier dental patient education provider, is rewarding all American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) members with a special thank you for our recent AACD endorsement. AACD Member Benefits

Website Library
The Website Library
Enrich your website with entertaining educational videos, plus over 1,600 pages of informative content. Dear Doctor's Website Library has the most comprehensive collection of patient-friendly dental information available — ready for you to add to your site! The video library includes “The Art of Cosmetic Dentistry,” a series created especially for the AACD, along with other videos on topics ranging from Tooth Decay to Orthodontics. The ever-expanding article library features content endorsed by the AACD. Enhance the treatment pages on your website by adding videos, supporting articles and Dear Doctor illustrations that will give your patients a fuller understanding and appreciation of what modern dentistry — and you — can do for them.
Dear Doctor Magazine The Magazine
Written with the sole intention of providing patients with the latest information in all facets of dentistry, our 68 page quarterly magazine enhances the lines of communication between you and your patients by providing them with exclusive content so they can make confident, informed, oral healthcare decisions. But best of all, it will feature your image on the cover immediately followed by full-page ads showcasing your practice.
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