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A New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep: Cut Out the Sugar

Dental Health Tips, Nutrition, tooth decay

Just days ago, countless people resolved to make positive changes in the New Year — for example, eating a better diet or improving their overall health. And while it hasn't been long since we flipped our calendars, many of us are already struggling to keep those promises. Some resolutions can more...

Philadelphia Becomes First Big City to Enact a Soda Tax

Nutrition, tooth decay

Proposing a soda tax can be a political hot potato. Several bills were floated in New York, but none ever got off the ground. Legislation in the California State Assembly was pulled before it came to a vote. Some forty times previously, state and city governments rejected a proposed tax more...

New Nutrition Labels Make Added Sugar Easier to Find


By now, almost everyone knows that there's a whole lot of sugar in soda (not to mention those so-called "sports" and "energy" drinks). Sugar is also a major ingredient in many desserts, breakfast cereals, jellies and fruit preserves. But did you know that there's also an enormous amount of added more...

Sugar Has 56 Different Names

Fun Dental Facts, Nutrition, Oral Health

What do corn syrup, evaporated cane juice and agave nectar have in common? They are all names — aliases if you will — for sugar added to foods we eat every day. These include many foods you wouldn’t think of as being sugary: tomato sauce, bread and yogurt, for example. more...

Sugar Wrecks More Than Teeth

Nutrition, tooth decay

Most of us know that sugar is a major contributor to tooth decay. Now, scientists at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) want to make sure word gets out about how devastating sugar is to our general health as well. Their effort, called SugarScience, has distilled 8,000 scientific journal more...

Is Constantly Chewing Gum Harmful?

Fun Dental Facts, Oral Health

Are you one of those people who is known for always chewing gum—at home, work, everywhere? If so, you may have wondered if your habit is causing any long-term damage to your teeth and jaws. Based on what is currently known, there is no real evidence that chewing gum is more...

Easy Steps for Improving Your Oral & General Health

Oral Health

When this subject comes up for many of us, we hear our mother's voice in our head, “Eat your sugary snacks before dinner, it will spoil your appetite.” Well as it turns out, she was right! By eating sugars in the healthy form of fresh fruits and vegetables, you more...

The Impact of Drinking Soda on Your Teeth

Oral Health

Although dentists recommend low sugar intake in your diet, many people don't connect this request with drinking soda. Did you know that soda has a highly destructive effect on your tooth enamel and that diet sodas are often as bad if not worse? While diet sodas have less sugar, this more...