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Pup Gets Braces – And it’s a Dog-Gone Good Thing!

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For many people, dogs are a lot like members of the family. They go to the groomer for regular “beauty treatments,” travel along with their human companions on vacation, and have special birthday celebrations. Just recently, one cute pooch became an internet sensation when he was pictured at the vet’s more...

What’s the Strongest Substance Found in Living Organisms?

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Armadillo armor? Spider silk? How about snail teeth? If you picked the last choice, you’re right! According to a new study by British scientists, a group of aquatic snails commonly called limpets have tiny teeth that are made of the hardest biological material ever found. The substance, a composite of more...

Sugar Has 56 Different Names

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What do corn syrup, evaporated cane juice and agave nectar have in common? They are all names — aliases if you will — for sugar added to foods we eat every day. These include many foods you wouldn’t think of as being sugary: tomato sauce, bread and yogurt, for example. more...

Go Fetch — a Pet Toothbrush!

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You probably wouldn’t think of skipping your oral hygiene routine for a day. Your breath would smell, your teeth might yellow, and you’d risk all kinds of painful (and expensive) consequences: tooth decay, gum disease and even systemic inflammation. Yet so many people ignore this crucial routine when it comes more...

Zoo Panda Has Successful Dental Surgery!

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Chewing bamboo for 12 hours a day requires sound teeth. So when 23-year-old giant panda Bai Yun chipped her tooth, officials at the San Diego zoo sprang into action. The bear’s broken lower canine was x-rayed so veterinarians could assess the extent of the damage. Fortunately, the tooth’s nerve tissue more...

The First Statue Built in Boston Public Garden Is Dedicated to Anesthetic Gas

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If you’re looking for a good road-trip destination, how about a visit to the historic Boston Public Garden? There, you can take in the attractive plantings, enjoy a ride on the renowned swan boats… and see a statue dedicated to the anesthetic gas called ether. Sound a little loopy? It more...

Evidence of Stone-Age Dentistry Discovered in Italy

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What would Fred Flintstone do if he had a toothache? We’re not sure how the best-known resident of Bedrock would have handled his dental issues — but in the real world, researchers may have recently found a clue. The new findings come from scientists at the Abdus Salam International Centre more...

Becoming a Dentist: What’s Involved?

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Interested in becoming a dentist? The American Dental Association recommends the following steps for high school students who may be considering a career in dentistry: Get a broad exposure to science and math while in high school — enroll in college preparatory classes in biology, algebra and chemistry. Continue taking more...

Toothbrush Commands Out-of-This-World Price

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What's the big deal about a used plastic toothbrush with a broken rubber tip and the usual signs of wear? Plenty when it's been to the moon and back with the second man ever to walk on the lunar surface. Recently the toothbrush belonging to Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin more...

New Tooth Fairy Beacon iPhone App Helps A Worthy Cause

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The latest iPhone app for parents and kids pairs the fun of losing a tooth with important dental tips from the expert herself. The Tooth Fairy Beacon app transforms mobile devices into a magical portal giving kids a peek into the Tooth Fairy's world. Exciting animation, sound effects and narration more...